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Find opportunities with less effort
Target risk without blind spots
Keep ahead of market signals without overtrading
Get an extra edge without overpaying

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overload, over-confidence, and over-reaction to market noise,
are the unrelenting enemies of the successful, long term active investor

For individual investors, our professional AI analyst offers unrivalled insights to inform your investment decisions.
  • Find global stock opportunities with less effort
    Fast intuitive screening, comparison and triage of stocks from 45 countries, for better odds of finding future outperformers
  • Target portfolio risk without blind spots
    Easy portfolio construction, risk management, and performance analysis, for better long-term returns
  • Keep ahead of market signals without overtrading
    More peace of mind from smart alerts, for timely portfolio actions and tactical allocation decisions
  • Get an extra edge without overpaying
    Actionable insights drawn from across fundamental, quant, macro, and technical investment strategies, for the cost of a newspaper
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free up time to focus on your own unique source of value:
creating differentiated research and making inspired portfolio decisions

For institutional investors, we develop and integrate a bespoke AI analyst that boosts the productivity of your front-office.
  • Free-up your productive time and access some extra edge
    Advanced stock selection, agile portfolio management, smart alerts, and dynamic alpha signals, for a more productive and collaborative research
  • Engine uniquely tailored to your investment style and mandates
    Proprietary stock universes, return drivers, risk parameters, plus additional research management functionalities to best meet your specific goals
  • User interface matched to your corporate identity
    Supports integration amongst staff and differentiation vis a vis clients and consultants

“no human is better than a machine, but no machine is better than a human with a machine” - Paul Tudor-Jones

“butterwire has enabled me to find outstanding stocks in a few minutes that I would never have heard of before.”
M. Gorham
“Analysing my portfolio to identify unexpected risk-factors is a major plus and beyond the capability of any other service available to private investors.”
D. Skinner

where many see the future of investment AI as “Absent” investor Intelligence,
we see an incredible opportunity to “Augment” it

Raphael Fiorentino

Raphael Fiorentino

It must have been Raphael’s engineering background that drove him away from a successful investment career to an idea and a mission. Drawing from his background in applied statistics, management consulting and equity investment, his idea became butterwire. Raphael created the concept of Butterwire after years of researching and developing the very algorithms that drive it. Butterwire exists as a result of his determination and vision.
MSc. Chem. Eng. Centrale Marseille, MBA Insead
28-yr experience at Bernstein, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Rhone-Poulenc
Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair

Very few software developers manage to remain technically at the top after making a successful transition to an executive role. Fewer still can effortlessly straddle the digital and the asset management worlds. Paul’s exceptional intellect, project experience, and leadership already made the impossible possible, by delivering the Butterwire app over-spec, under-budget and ahead of schedule. His passion for technology keeps presenting Butterwire with ever more exciting development horizons.
BSc. Software Eng.
20-yr experience including at CGI, JP Morgan AM, Monitise and BNY Mellon AM