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Your AI equity analyst
A bespoke AI analyst for stock selection, portfolio construction and tactical allocation decisions
We use technology to boost the productivity of your research. Our goal is to help maximise your number of quality investment decisions per front-office staff.

We do this not by producing ready-made answers and making bold recommendations, but by distilling insights that will increase your capacity and timeliness at bringing out key questions and controversies.
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Why Butterwire?
It will take more than industry consolidation if active investment management is to rise up to the structural challenges it faces: a research productivity boost is needed, which a well thought-out technology can now deliver in a timely and cost efficently manner.
Intelligence Augmentation
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What can you do with Butterwire?
Our AI equity analyst takes a broad view of your investment process as it seeks to contribute to your team's reflection at every step of the way. From research pipeline to portfolio risk management, it can adapt to your style and constraints, just like any analyst would.
How Butterwire will benefit your business
Focus on "interesting" stocks
  • "Fuzzy logic" screening parameters
  • Fast "triage" of shortlisted stocks
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    What our customers say

    "How the app combines fundamental and macro insights at stock level is a powerful differentiator"
    Hedge Fund Manager
    "Regulatory pressures push traditional wealth managers to integrate their investment processes, and Butterwire is a great tool to accompany this transition"
    MD and Head of Wealth Management Platforms & Solutions
    "Butterwire delivers concise, relevant and actionable intelligence… I've not seen anything like it before."

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