Raphael Fiorentino
Raphael Fiorentino
Aug 01 - 1 min read

20 large and 20 mid-cap EU stocks to consider as market returns flat-line

Just as financial markets seem to price in ever lower global growth expectations, we are entering the seasonally less liquid and more volatile month of August with the prospect of 0% global equity returns over the next 12 month... This is bad news for both index trackers (who cannot choose) and for mutual funds (whose mandate is typically to remain fully invested at all time and whose large size typically prevent them from being truly active anyway).

But investors who manage their own portfolio of individual holdings have full flexibility, including that of using butterwire's Stock Explorer function to look for investment candidates with the potential to fare better than most should financial markets jitters escalate.

In table 1, we screened for 20 large-cap EU stocks that have both been identified by butterwire as interesting research candidates and have a high "recession-resilience" score.

Table 1

Likewise for table 2 where we then screened for 20 mid-cap stocks. As a first-stage stock research (aka "triage"), butterwire users can then click on any name to get the various insights (fundamental, quant, macro, and technical) "distilled" by its engine.

Table 2

To be clear, these tables do not constitute "buy" or "dead-cert" lists. In fact, a percentage of these names will necessarily end up performing poorly over the coming 12 months (such is the irreducible unpredictability of equity markets!). Rather, our commitment to investors is to nudge them toward stocks that on balance are expected to do better than most, explain how/why this may be (and also how not...), and as such should be worthy of their time and attention.

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