Portfolio Active Return - Performance

The overview tab provides a one-page view of a portfolio’s P&L, historical performance, as well as all current and historical alerts triggered at portfolio or holdings level. The performance & drivers tab decomposes this performance by risk factors and holdings over various time periods, while the ledger tab compiles all the portfolio actions taken by the investor.


The overview tab of the portfolios section is where user can quickly visualise all the key portfolio information:

  • historical absolute and relative performance expressed in portfolio currency or as a percentage of capital invested
  • overall portfolio profit & loss statement
  • portfolio return/risk outlook (same as in the Assess page),
  • the list and P&L per holdings including any alerts
  • the tracking of absolute and relative drawdowns
  • the latest calculation of pairwise correlations between holdings
  • the log of all historical alerts recorded

Performance & Drivers

The performance and drivers tab offers a transparent analysis of the portfolio over various past periods:

  • % of the portfolio that has outperformed the index, same for the % winners in the index, the whole stock universe and among the candidates that were suggested by the app at the start of the period
  • % return above/below the index for the portfolio, suggested candidates at the start of the period, and the whole stock universe
  • Attribution of portfolio excess return to risk factor exposures (size, industry, country, macro, base score) on the one hand (blue bars), and residual performance attributable to the investor’s skill… and luck on the other hand (yellow bar)
  • Likewise, for each holding: explained excess return (from risk factors) versus residual (unexplained) excess return contribution to portfolio performance
  • % average excess return realised by industry, country and macro sensitivity respectively for the stock universe and the portfolio holdings


The ledger tab keeps track of any edits made to the portfolio since inception.