Citywire Wealth Manager Interview

13th December 2018

Citywire Wealth Manager interviewed our CEO Raphael Fiorentino and produced an article discussing the use of artifical intelligence in investing.

Butterwire's unique analysis tools explained

16th November 2018

At this year's Global WealthTech Summit Butterwire CEO Raphael Fiorentino introduced the benefits of the Butterwire system.

We Are Back

29th October 2018

In contrast to 2017, 2018 hasn’t been easy on equity investors and on butterwire.

Our Global Reach is Increasing!

15th August 2018

Since launch of our application in July we have attracted hundreds of new users across 20 different countries: from Bermuda to Russia, and Finland to Singapore.

We have also fielded thousands of stock candidate searches, using our unique ‘explorer’ feature.As butterwire continues to grow, we are focusing more and more on helping our users get the most from butterwire as quickly as possible.

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