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Frequently asked questions

Why should I trust the raw input data when I don't have access to them?
All pricing, fundamental, and estimate data are sourced from S&P Global Market Intelligence (SPGMI) before being pre-processed by Butterwire, as are macroeconomic data sourced either from SPGMI or official websites such as Bank of International Settlements.

Butterwire then consumes this raw data for the sole purpose of producing its proprietary outputs, and does not therefore republish (company) data readily available on S&P, Bloomberg, Eikon or Factset terminals.
What if I don’t agree with the outputs?
Just like with most third-party research providers, there is ample room to disagree: for instance, about 75% of the stocks covered by Butterwire fall under the “better odds elsewhere” category, yet more or less half of them end up outperforming over the following 12 months; so the fact that the app doesn’t manage to find “interesting” enough signals about them doesn't make them uninteresting outright.

Unlike most third-party providers, Butterwire is designed to either be trained to better reflect your investment style, stock universe, or portfolio constraints, or set up to explicitly incorporate your preferred sources of alpha signals; and it can do so algorithmically or using machine learning.
Why should I trust the output signals when I don’t have access to all the underlying calculations?
The engine keeps track of all the outputs it generates over time and reports transparently on their value (e.g. candidates’ % winners and excess return in portfolio performance analysis); detailed data and calculations can be made available on request, and Enterprise users have automatic access to the latest and historical engine databases.

In addition, Butterwire is a "white box" whose inner workings are laid out in its white paper, so that anyone can both understand where it's coming from and easily specify any bespoke features or engine "tuning" to make it more fit-for-purpose for a particular user group.
How do I get the best out of Butterwire?
By engaging with it as a sparring partner to bring out questions, options, and controversies to wrestle with, rather than as a source of detailed answers and high-conviction recommendations.

By giving it a chance to become more familiar to you (please read our white paper) and you to it (please reach out via live chat, phone or email and let us know how best to tailor it to your expectations).

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