Butterwire Primer

Walk through the web app's Explorer, Portfolios and Markets functions, and how to find opportunities faster, target risk without blind spots, keep ahead without overtrading, and get an extra edge.

Butterwire 2017 Performance Review

A look back at how Butterwire helped deliver performance over 2017 and an opportunity to catch a few tips on how to get the best out of its stock selection engine.

Create Portfolio

An absolute must for any long term sustainable return is an appropriately diversified portfolio that can protect against the inevitable fluctuations in the market.

To help our users we have built a tool that helps to create such a portfolio, not in a prescribed way, but by maintaining the ethos of butterwire - You are the decision maker!

This short video quickly gives you an overview of butterwire's Create Portfolio feature.


One of the key features of butterwire, is our ability to help you to improve your portfolio using Mitigate.

Mitigate helps you to quickly identify alternative stocks to improve any over, or under, exposure your portfolio may have in relation to the underlying index.

This short video shows how quickly and easily you can take advantage of our mitigate feature.