Butterwire on monitors
Butterwire augments funds’ knowledge productivity
Model impact
Model impact
  • Maximum upside/downside risk ratio
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Dynamic yet stable long-term signals
Engine versatility
Engine versatility
  • Efficient and infinitely scalable
  • Easy to customise and upgrade
  • Classic algo/ML, huge development scope
Interface ergonomics
Interface ergonomics
  • Maximum insights in minimum time
  • Easy to adopt, multiple layers to uncover
  • No two users get the same out of it
Hosting security
Hosting security
  • AWS secured infrastructure
  • Encrypted core modules and data
  • Optional private deployment and storage
How it works
Butterwire is calibrated to support a long-term, low turnover, fundamental approach to active investing. It aims to increase the chances that some portfolio positions will outperform significantly at a 12-month horizon, while reducing the number and impact of the poorest performers.
Find and Triage "Interesting" Stocks
Look for stocks that have relatively attractive fundamentals and are controversial and are consistent with your style and mandate.
Maximise Portfolio Exposure to "Idiosyncratic" Risk
Ensure you risk budget is spread across a number of largely unrelated, stock-specific exposures, simulate ways to increase expected active return / active risk ratio.
Respond to "top-down" macro signals and smart portfolio alerts
Get a real time read of prevailing macro expectations to inform tactical allocation decisions and get alerted whenever an array of signals calls for your attention on a specific holding or portfolio characteristic.
We take a broad view of your investment process and seek to contribute to your team’s reflection at every step of the way. Just like any analyst would. From research pipeline to portfolio maintenance.
Advanced Stock Selection
Boost your global research pipeline
  • Find, compare, and triage global stock opportunities and set research priorities faster
  • +5,000 primary listings in 40 countries
  • Surface key controversies from fundamental, quants, macro and technical insights before committing to “deep-dive” research
Agile Portfolio Management
Fast-track your reflection on risk and mitigation options
  • Visualise and mitigate risk simply and rapidly
  • Simulate constructions and analyse performance with speed and ease
Smart Alerts
Focus on the right questions at the right time
  • Early warnings on holdings, portfolio and markets help focus attention and improve tactical allocation
Proven Long-Term Edge
Sway the odds further in your favour
  • Dynamic alpha signals help improve 12-month forward hit rates and reduce odds of large drawdowns
  • Differentiated and complementary to research providers as well as inhouse tools already in place
Bespoke Services
Drive integration as required
  • Standard engine, interface, and hosting easy to tailor to your investment styles, processes, and portfolio mandates
  • API for seamless interfaces (e.g. portfolio construction updates)

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