The Need to Boost Research Productivity Time and Cost-Efficiently
Threat for Active Investment Managers
Race to the bottom
  • Grow in size to reduce cost per $bn assets managed (M&A)
  • Stretch research staff to offset inflation of mid-back office costs
  • Cut risk budgets to keep close to the benchmark each quarter
Opportunity for Active Investment Managers
Race to the top
  • Grow # of quality of investment decisions per number of staff.
  • Use data science to encode sound investment knowledge NOW
  • Leverage new technologies to compound knowledge COST EFFICIENTLY
Faster, Better Way To Do Data-Heavy, Complex Groundwork Research
Butterwire is calibrated to support a long-term, low turnover, fundamental approach to active investing. It aims to increase the chances that some portfolio positions will outperform significantly at a 12-month horizon, while reducing the number and impact of the poorest performers.
Latest Analysis
Find and Triage "Interesting" Stocks

Look for stocks that have relatively attractive fundamentals and are controversial and are consistent with your style and mandate.

Zero in on the 15% of your entire investable universe that is "interesting", not on a broker's subset where 85% is rated as "buy"

Maximise Portfolio Exposure to "Idiosyncratic" Risk

Ensure your risk budget is spread across a number of largely unrelated, stock-specific exposures, simulate ways to increase expected active return / active risk ratio.

Transparently assess your portfolio's past performance and future performance prospects

Respond to "top-down" macro signals and smart portfolio alerts
Get a real time read of prevailing macro expectations to inform tactical allocation decisions and get alerted whenever an array of signals calls for your attention on a specific holding or portfolio characteristic.